Camp Nanowrimo Day 7

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Words written: 1951 words

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The Morning After

Marco had just endured a horrible experience after being facedown on his home by law enforcement due to a bogus accusation. Next morning, he is asked to come to the Police Station for somewhat of an apology. He is told that this was a case of mistaken identity.

Or was it?

The whole ordeal still gives Marco a jolt. It was earth-shattering and challenges his sense of safety.

Thank You For Being A Friend

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Hey, I want to see the new Minions movie! I’m just in this mood 😃

I love giving all my main characters best friends. Why? They’re like my secret agents. They reveal different perspectives and shed light on my main characters. I love using friendships to show another facet of my characters.

Say Hello To Zaroun

Marco and Zaroun met in Medical School. They began talking over a meal and became fast friends. Marco, an immigrant from El Salvador and Zaroun, an immigrant from Pakistan developed a relationship akin to brothers.

When they both got married, each served as best man. Zaroun is a keen observer, confidante, introverted and perceptive. He’s a Cardiologist specializing in emergency care. Whenever Marco is on shift, he feels much more confident with Zaroun in the surgical theater. With his divorce, Zaroun and his wife Kashaf have been part of his cheerleading team.

Hug Your Best Friend 🤗🤗

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Dear Mama

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So that is my ringtone! Hey, do you have ringtones for people in your life? Yeah I do.

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Okay. I wanted to talk about Marco’s close relationship with his Mama. He’s a Mama’s boy. Not like…

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Marco was a little boy when he and his parents left El Salvador for the Mexican border. They were undocumented until he graduated high school. His parents worked multiple jobs to support him.

With his father’s death from cancer, he vowed to become a doctor to save lives. He is protective of his mother. Once he was financially stable, he made his mother leave work. Mama, Lucia Torres, is his rock.

When he goes through the divorce, he is not only upset that Livia, his ex-wife leaves him but that his Mom had to see it. He wanted his mother to be a part of all his milestones. He finds himself asking for forgiveness. He did not want to cause her any grief.

Tossed About

His motorcycle was stolen. When he called 911, they were off no help. He called a taxi cab and found that he was not headed towards the Police Station. The cab was pulled over by a police vehicle.


This time, there was a report of a mugging in a taxicab. He fit the description. Fighting back based on his last experience did not work. One of the men called him by name. He received a veiled threat. Possibly from the mistaken raid, he thought. No, this was much more. He was beaten and left in the side street. This was a message. Clearly, he was in the dark about something.

But what?

At work, he lied. Everyone gets mugged.

Text From The Past

Livia, his ex-wife texts that she will be in the States in the next two weeks. She hopes they could get together.

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Know this: His ex-wife is his somewhat of an Achilles heel. He fell hard and grieved hard.

About Me

I’m handwriting again because my thoughts flow better. I’m a bit harried because of the work week and other obligations. I’m feeling good after sorting out my mini panic.

How are you doing?

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