Camp Nanowrimo: Day 6

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Mission Accomplished

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Whoa, whoa whoa.

I’m still writing for Camp Nanowrimo. However, I did some tweaks today and drumroll please…

Word count: 1741 words

Running total: 7727 words

I think 10,000 words are in sight by the weekend.

In the meantime…YAY!!

Here’s what worked for me today. Big lesson: Even 15 minute blocks can help. Writing while having a sandwich. Foregoing that Netflix show I wanted to watch for a sprint. Have you seen the second season of Bridgerton yet? Don’t spoil it for me. Thank you

Via Tenor

The Antagonist

I love crafting situations which are complex. I love putting my characters in less than ideal conditions. Further, I love writing about relationships that are not frequently explored. I do not like sounding like everyone else.

Okay, soapbox moment.

Rosalind has always known that her best friend’s mother (Ollie’s Mum) viewed her with contempt. Since they were children, she never gave her a kind word. Unlike Ollie’s father, Ollie’s Mum had stubborn, headstrong personality which hardly ever softened.

What Really Happened

Ollie comes to pick up Rosalind at the hospital for their dinner engagement. His demeanor was quiet. She understood why when her asked whether they could go to his parents house instead.

Rosalind was nervous but wanted to indulge her friend. Ollie’s father greets them at the door. It is at this point that the reader learns Ollie’s legal name. His given name is Rajiv. Ollie was a nickname Rosalind called him. Ollie nicknamed her Roz. The Guptas are a family of three with Rajiv aka Ollie as their golden child.

At this point, Rosalind discovers that Ollie’s Mum has not changed in her posture towards her. There was no greeting or acknowledgement.

Dinner is tense. Although Mr. Gupta tries to liven the mood, Mrs. Gupta makes an announcement. It is time for Rajiv to marry. The families have more arrangements to make before having a wedding in India in December.

Rosalind had seen Ollie battle his mother about marriage. She was aware that he had met other young ladies. He was not interested. His mother put her foot down. In doing so, she eyed Rosalind hoping that her message was clear.

Mr. Gupta gives her a blessing before she leaves the house for safe travels. Ollie (Rajiv) drives her home. Rosalind invites him inside her flat for tea.

That should wrap up the first chapter. I do want to let you in on that conversation between Ollie and Rosalind before she leaves for Saint Lucia.

Peace, hugs, prayers and positive thoughts to my brothers and sisters in Ukraine. Freedom fighters all!!!

Tomorrow then,


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