Camp Nanowrimo Day 6

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Words written: 1546 words

Milestone: 10,156 words

I’m having a mini panic attack.

I am afraid that this story is going in a direction that I cannot seem to control.

I am second-guessing myself and my plan. It’s uncomfortable.

I know what I want to happen.

Fighting perfection is debilitating.

Whenever I feel like this, it’s like a cloud that hovers and it won’t go away until I sort it out.

Earlier today, I read a bit of advice. Wisdom says to go wild and be free with a first draft. The deeper concepts will handle itself later. For now…

Via Tenor

Screw This! Visiting Hours Are Over

I’ve made a deal with myself that even when I feel like this I visit not set up residence.

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If You Are Reading This, You Are Amazing 🤩🤩🤩

Before We Dive In

I did lots of research into swatting and spam text messages. It was chilling to see the technology that exists to make such a thing possible.

So, remember Marco does not realize that he’s in possession of information from a dead suspect which means nothing to him. It’s just jibber jabber from a patient dosed up on sedatives. Marco is getting all these spam text messages which are innocent.

Via Tenor

But are meant to invade his privacy. Have you ever gotten those that say STOP was a reply? Yes, he did that. In this case, it was the thing that got these unknown actors an open door into his life.

Story Time

Marco is roused from bed in an early morning raid on his apartment. He’s lying facedown on the hardwood floor with SWAT searching his residence and barking orders. He is handcuffed and facedown on the bedroom floor.

Reason: He’s being arrested under suspicion of sex trafficking from the apartment.

Via Tenor

But in that vulnerable moment, his cries of innocence don’t matter. There’s a warrant to execute based on probable cause. Their questions were ridiculous in Marco’s mind. The whole horror of this shakes him to the core until a voice comes from the front of the apartment.

Detective Abigail appears on the scene and has a shouting match with the team leader. It is a battle of personalities with Marco handcuffed and vulnerable.

With the SWAT team gone, Marco is furious and tells Abbie to join them out of his house. He takes some time to process himself , he gets ready for work. Out on the kitchen is…

Via Tenor

Abbie made him breakfast. He was not impressed and tossed it in the trash. Marco was disgusted. Instead, to cope he decided to focus on the long shift ahead.

And he would need that focus because it was a tragic drunk driving crash between a party bus of young adults and a family of five. The whole ordeal of the morning would be forgotten.

For now.

Thank you for joining me on this 30 day quest friend!


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