Camp Nanowrimo: Day 5

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I am afraid that I was a bit too hasty.

I saw an opportunity and decided to take another direction.

This was a spur of the moment decision. I needed to get flesh out the friendship dynamics between Rosalind and Nicola.

Word count: 593

As of now, I have broached then 5000 word milestone.

Via Tenor

Here’s What I Wrote About

Nicola and Rosalind had been friends from Medical School. It was quite fortunate that they were able to get employed at the same hospital. Nicola is the extroverted friend who pushes Rosalind out of her comfort zone.

Nicola has been in a five year relationship with a married man. He has a complicated situation in that he chose to separate and not divorce until his children were older. Rosalind tries not to be judgmental but finds it increasingly difficult.

Now that she must leave for Saint Lucia, she learns that Nicola may become engaged. Her longtime lover arranged for her to meet the children and his ex-wife.

Okay…I know that I got ahead of myself. In hindsight, it was a piece that needed to be addressed before Rosalind met her antagonist.

I have outlined this whole story for some time. Some pieces are easy to miss.

I hope you agree.

Tomorrow then and cheers to a higher word count,


P.S. Thank you for riding along with me.

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