Camp Nanowrimo Day 5

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Truth Or Lie?

Short work weeks are the worst. There you are crawling from a long holiday weekend and there’s a ton of work waiting for you. Like…

Via Tenor

That was me.

Words written: 1300 words

Marco’s Finer Points

Divorce hardened Marco. It is crushing to know that you are building a life with someone you love and be told years later that love is gone. Livia, his ex-wife was his first love. She lit up his world. They got married after they both graduated from Medical School. Fertility issues followed but Livia insisted on adoption. A high school teenager had decided to give up her baby for adoption right after birth. Livia and Marco went through the vetting process and were in the delivery room when the baby was born. They named her Clarissa Amor Torres.

Marco was in love. Kinda like how these two formed a meaningful bond.

Via Tenor 🤩🥰

Clarissa became his focus when Livia left. More to follow about that. Given the nature of his work, she lives with Mama and he takes an apartment downtown.

Whoopsy Daisy

Didn’t I tell you that the setting is in Ohio? Well it is. Later on in the story, parts of it will be situated in Michigan. There’s a reason why I did that. I’ll tell you.

So …

Marco is a loving Dad, devoted husband, committed and dedicated doctor and has no time for B.S.

When he told Detective Abigail to take a hike, he meant it. She pops up at the hospital during his overnight shift perhaps to show gratitude for helping with Scarlett’s home birth and her physical injuries. He buys his coffee, refuses to engage and walk away.

Marco is not cold hearted. He cares about everything and everyone. His tenderness has limits. Abbie turned him off at their first encounter.

You Remind Me

After spending Dad and daughter time with Clarissa, Marco thinks of Scarlett Pritchard. She was a widow and a Mama at the same time. He knew about losing a parent. Like her, he was a single parent. After an early shift, he finds himself browsing through the stores in the mall for baby and Mom gifts.

The idea was to check in on Scarlett and her baby for a few minutes. When he arrives at the house, he feels empathy for her. This would be the time when she may have family, friends or people from the law enforcement community to help. Well, on that day, she seemed to be alone.

He learns that the baby is named Leila Jane Pritchard. She’s beautiful reminding him of his Clarissa. While Scarlett gets a break, take a shower, he feeds Leila Jane.

Via Tenor

Doorbell rings. Detective Abigail is at the door. With her partner passed away, she has been a frequent visitor at the house. For Marco, it’s time to go. He hands off Leila Jane, places the gifts on the dinner table and leaves.

Via Tenor

Marco finds himself facedown on the floor with a boot on his back.

See you then? I’m hoping.


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