Camp Nanowrimo Day 4

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Not Out Of The Woods

Because he cared, Marco went to the hospital. Scarlett was hemorrhaging uncontrollably. He stuck around with Abbie until there were updates.

Questions And Answers

Marco decided to head over to visit a few friends who were on call. After receiving a text from Abigail, he took a detour by Oncology. He sees Gayle Peterson getting chemotherapy.

Via Tenor

Clearly, he did not.

And Then

How did Abigail get his number? Anywho, she needed a ride back to Scarlett’s house. They get on his motorcycle and head to the house. When they get there, Abigail feels the effects of her physical injuries. Marco helps her with getting a bath, dinner and getting settled.

Before leaving, he makes it clear that he does not want to see her again. He blocked her phone number and hopes she’s forgotten.

That Night

Marco had the weirdest dream. He was in a morgue. A spotlight was on the middle drawer. As he drew it open, it was a body under a white sheet. He removed the sheet and saw an African American male with an ashen face. The ligature marks were about his neck. It was his patient. His eyes popped open. His voice was loud and echoed in the room. “You remember?”

Why now?

Via Tenor

Only a nightmare?

Via Tenor

Yo Joe!!! Listen I’m a proud Gen Xer!!


I’ve officially completed 10% of Camp NanoWrimo!!



P.S. 🇺🇲 Still the land for everyone! And I mean everyone.

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