Camp Nanowrimo: Day 30

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Final word count: 56, 487

The Set Up

Via Tenor

In February, I joined the Great Resignation because I had enough of worshipping at the altar of Retail and Corporate America.

Now what? I had no viable job prospects. I know that I was exhausted, spent and out of touch with many meaningful facets of my life.

It’s About The Response

I started learning about graphic design and graphic arts. I opened an Etsy shop. I learned about low content books and published a few. I dug through all my photos and uploaded nature photos to an online service. I started to educate myself on all things passive income. I broke up with Twitter. Not sorry.

I was looking for traditional employment but I became picky because of my last work experience. I shut out any job description that reminded me of my last work experience.

Then Camp Nanowrimo

The last time I participated was in 2014.

Via Tenor

Why not challenge myself to write another novel?

I have a goal of publishing two books by the end of 2022.

The Chaplain’s Heart is still in the editing phase. Now the first draft of Rosalind is complete. I’m feeling pretty proud of myself right now.

Via Tenor

What Did I Learn?

  • Prepare, prepare, prepare.
  • I’m a perfectionist. Overthinking is a waste of my brain cells.
  • Be prepared to change your mind on characters, plot twists, situations.
  • Go sweat it out, girl! Put on a podcast and lift some weights!
  • Stick with a writing schedule.
  • Don’t get too attached to original ideas.
  • Phone, text, WhatsApp a friend! Don’t do this alone. I am introverted at heart but I really wanted to bounce off ideas with a friend.
  • Think about the unpredictable stuff like starting a new job and doctor’s visits.
  • Watch the java juice! I must have gone through 4 cups a couple of times.
  • Take a shower, splash on some sweet scents, relish a cupcake or a yogurt cup with chocolate chips and sweets. I like the last one 🤣
  • And … Enjoy the journey!

So… The Brass Tax

The first draft of anything is…

Via Tenor

What am I doing?


I am going to walk away from this manuscript for a little while. Now that I am thinking about this, I need a hard deadline. Well, there’s the other manuscript.

And Then …

I’m taking a break. 30 days non-stop has done havoc on my fingers, my little grey cells, my eyes, my body and yeah, everywhere.

Thank Yous

  • To my Creator who loves me more than I love myself.
  • To my Ks who inspire me to push forward.
  • To you for walking alongside me as I navigated through the rollercoasters of the past 30 days.

The world is filled with war, famine, tragedies and disasters. If my words or published works can bring a positive rainbow, that would be a high five moment for me.

Reach out to me everywhere except Twitter (yes I said it). Visit here often and get to know my work, Love Knows.

Right now, I’m going to treat myself with a beverage of choice.

Be good, be safe, be you,


P.S. Don’t forget our brothers and sisters in Ukraine and every part of the world where freedom fighters engage in the struggle for human rights and dignity.

One Love!!!!

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Peace. No War.
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