Camp Nanowrimo: Day 3

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M via Nanowrimo

Today was about aiming for 1000 words.


Word count: 2910 words

Via Tenor

When We Last Left Off…

Rosalind was dealing with her ex boyfriend’ wedding, the loss of her patient and the loss of her job.

Today …

Rosalind shut herself from everyone to deal with her pain on her own. She ignores text messages and phone calls from her colleague Nicola and her best friend Ollie.

Ollie, her best friend is introduced to the readers. They have been friends since Primary school.

Via Tenor

I didn’t tell you. This story is set in Scotland, the United Kingdom and Saint Lucia. So there will be UK slangs.

Ollie is her best friend. He shows up because they had a standing brunch on Sundays. He makes brunch for her mindful that she was under extreme strain. He gives her comfort and a shoulder to cry on. She feels secure with her best friend.

Later that evening, Rosalind goes for Sunday dinner at her parents house. Her parents live about 45 minutes away on the family property. At dinner, Rosalind learns that her mother has family in Saint Lucia. They contacted her to let her know that her mother was terminally ill.

The news shocks Rosalind. Her mother refused to speak to her about her side of the family. She was only aware that her mother was West Indian. She is persuaded to accompany her mother in the trip.

Tomorrow then friends,


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