Camp Nanowrimo Day 3

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Fourth of July Weekend

Yes, I had no idea that this story would be written on the actual holiday weekend.

But… this is the point in the story weeks after Marco treated Detective Peterson and the suspect who was found hanging in a prison cell.

Marco spends a rare holiday weekend off with friends and family. It’s a small party where his best friend Zaroun and his wife Kashaf.

On Call?

His mother asks a favor. Quite unusual. Gayle, his mother’s friend wants him to help a woman who’s in labor at home. It’s ridiculous because even in the 4th of July, there’s 911 services. Yet, he indulges his mother and heads over to help a woman named Scarlett. Who she is and how she’s connected to the story will be revealed.


Scarlett Pritchard is wife to deceased Detective Cole Pritchard, Detective Abigail Person’s partner. Abigail aka Abbie is at the house. It had been a million years but Marco realizes that Scarlett is in no shape to leave. Worse yet, 911 services were inaccessible.

Via Tenor

So …

While Detective Abigail was like….

Via Tenor

Marco dove in and kept Scarlett focused on a safe birth and delivery.

The ambulance finally got to the house and was able to transport Scarlett and her baby Leila Jane.

Via Tenor

More to follow,


P.S. I had a low word count because I had to get my hair done. I’ll show you sometime. 🌻🦋

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