Camp Nanowrimo: Day 29

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Words written: 7245 words written

Running total: 56, 487 words

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My fingers are numb. I must have gone through a packet of ink pens. I’m fatigued, exhausted, sleep deprived, in a zombified state.

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This Is The End

No loose ends.

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This Is The End For Real

  • Rosalind and her mother Prisca reconnect. To add some spice to it, I made them enjoy two bottles of wine together.
  • Rosalind finally gets in touch with her authentic self. She realizes that she is responsible for how her liffe’s trajectory.
  • No, her Aunts keep the damn pearls.
  • She starts a relationship with her newly discovered sister, Avonelle.
  • Rajiv’s parents separate over his decision not to marry a young lady from India.
  • Yes, that paved the way for Rajiv aka Ollie to pursue his love Rosalind.
  • Rosalind is hired at another hospital.
  • Ollie and Rosalind marry. It is a multicultural wedding. They have two boys and a girl.
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Yes, they did!

See you on Day 30,


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