Camp Nanowrimo Day 29

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Almost there!!! My hands are cramping. I’m feeling edgy. But …

Via Tenor
Via Tenor

Remember I said I have cramping hands, strap in for more images. Thank you for your understanding.

Let’s Recap

Dr. Marco Torres, busy ER Trauma Surgeon, divorced five years and loving Dad to Clarissa. He was nursing a wounded heart from his divorce and swore off any romantic relationships. Having listened to the four flashdrives of information, he had a lot to chew on. Delia expected his call and told him that if he really wants to meet with Abbie he needs to be clear.

So remember that part in The Sound Of Music, when Captain Von Trapp had to be shown that he was not really in love with the Baroness?

Via Tenor

And then, he got a light bulb that he really loved Fraulein Maria?

Via Tenor

Listen, I love this movie so much I sing and cry every damn time! 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾🎶🎶🎶


Via Tenor

My Thing

If this was going to be a happily ever after it would be realistic. According to me. Not…

Via Tenor

How I Ended It

It took a few weeks before Marco decided to go to Hawaii. Clarissa gave him a coloring page to give Abbie too break the ice. Abbie’s beach bungalow is a paradise. His visit was unexpected. She does not start with pleasantries but asks whether he needed her blessing to marry Scarlett.

Of course she knew that they were seeing each other! She was flattered that he came to seek her advice. But Marco shuts that idea down. The air is tense as they same nothing as Abbie decides to grill fish for dinner. No matter how much he tries to stimulate conversation, Abbie is not up for it.

Clarissa’s coloring pages brightened the mood. She missed Clarissa. As they washed and dried dishes, Abbie looked him and needled him about his feelings about Livia and Scarlett.

Via Tenor

Marco looked her in the eye and said…

Via Tenor

He has moved on from Livia and was not connected to Scarlett in the way. Well, not in the way he thought.

Can We Be Brutally Frank?

I want to talk openly about intimacy. I wanted to give an indepth look into how people connect. For Abbie, it was important to let Marco know that she was not sexually experienced. It is not spoken about often. There are a cross section of people who are celibate and value their sexuality on their own terms.

Now Happily Ever After!!!

Their first intimate moment was genuinely right because they ironed out everything. Abbie wanted to share a life with Marco and Clarissa. Marco feels like he has finally found a life full of authenticity.

Via Tenor

They get married and settle into building a meaningful life. I let them have a family vacation in The Maldives.

Via Tenor


Abbie tells Marco two words …

Via Tenor

Marco has a head snap moment.

Via Tenor

Whoo!!!! Guys I am through!


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