Camp Nanowrimo: Day 28

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Words written: 4152 words

Running total: 49, 242 words/50,000 words

Via Tenor

Tick, Tock

Yes, the countdown clock is ticking loudly in my ears. I have no doubt l will have a mile long list of reflections about these past 30 days. My fingers will be happy to know that I am almost home. 🤣🤣

Like I said before, from this point on, everything goes downhill from here.

Family Drama

It is true that people show their real personalities in times of tragedy, crisis and trauma. So it was absolutely jarring when the Aunts whom Rosalind had gotten attached would want to crucify her for having their mother’s pearls. It was a gift. But that didn’t matter to them. Rosalind packed up her things and left sensing tension in the house.

A Mother’s Secret

This is the time for Prisca to explain the reason for being estranged from her family.

Sidebar: I did not take this matter lightly. I struggled with this situation. Here goes…

Prisca was a popular singer/performer. She was also a beauty pageant contestant. At a reception for a visiting diplomat, she met a local Government Minister who was a close friend of the family. He took advantage of that trust and she was sexually assaulted.

Her mother and sisters refused to believe her story. They thought she encouraged him. The child of that pregnancy was the young lady who served Rosalind on her first day at the house. Given the shame, she resorted to a cruise ship career as a singer. It was on one of those cruise ships she met her Scottish husband.

Writing this is never easy. Rosalind was resistant because she had grown fond of Ma Rose and her Aunts.

There Went That Dream

Via Tenor

On the morning of the funeral, Rosalind receives a WhatsApp text message from Rajiv’s mother. There’s a picture of her best friend and another woman with a caption that this was their engagement photo. This drives Rosalind up a wall.

The ordeal of the funeral caused her to do what she always does: isolate and withdraw.

Once the fog lifted, Rosalind accepts an invitation to a beach picnic with Marius.



I had to think this through. We’re talking about two people who know each other from Primary School.

The premise for the argument was that based on their years of friendship. Rosalind is angered that she nurtured and nursed feelings for a man already engaged to be married.

His Side

He was worried about their years of friendship. The trip to Saint Lucia was for clarity and confirmation.

Via Tenor

Rosalind does not take excuses. His mother won.

Almost there.

Later friend,


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