Camp Nanowrimo Day 28

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Three days to go!!!

This is the part where Marco hears Abbie’s innermost feelings.

Via Tenor

Abbie’s last mission was to clear her name, clear her partner’s name, solve the attempt on her life and the murder of her partner. Once that was completed, she’d get out of Ohio and settle in Hawaii.

So based on Delia’s interview Marco learns the following:

  • Abbie would miss working/playing/interacting with kids;
  • Abbie can be sexy, wear makeup and all those feminine delights;
  • She is a bitch and proud about it;
  • She will go to hell for those she loves;
  • Fast and Furious is her favorite movie franchise;
  • She enjoys a good 🍺
  • When she needs to go to her happy place, she sings the theme from Mister Roger’s Neighborhood.
Via Tenor

WWMRD-What Would Mister Roger Do? Especially with all the screwed up messed up things in this world we live in?

Via Tenor

That’s a start.

Okay I am tired. I’ll start winding down the next two days.

Happily ever after?

We’ll see,


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