Camp Nanowrimo: Day 27

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Words written: 4298 words

Running total: 45,090 words

Yes!!! My fingers are officially….

Via Tenor

My goodness. It’s not over yet.

Did You Know?

Tomorrow is a game-tastic day for gamers!! I know because I live with three gamers. Nintendo Switch Sports will be available tomorrow.

From my  not-a-card-carrying-gamer balcony, I think it’s okay. Those Miis seem interesting. I mean they are trying to be diverse but it fell flat for me.

But that’s me.

Rajiv and Rosalind

First thing: two best friends hoping to reconnect get mistakenly booked for a honeymoon suite.

Second thing: Rosalind discovers that Rajiv’s mother has been working overtime to get him a bride from India. His mother does not care for Rosalind and her friendship with her son.

Third thing: Rosalind and Rajiv have grown up in many ways since being childhood friends. This trip is the first time since that awkward goodbye kiss that they get to have a conversation.

Places To See

Rajiv and Rosalind spend the next four days visiting key sites of interest.

Via Tenor
  • Pigeon Island: A historical military causeway connected to the island;
  • Reduit Beach: popular for its gorgeous shoreline;
  • The Pitons: Twin volcanic plugs and iconic for it’s imposing natural geography.
  • The Diamond Falls: Mineral baths and Falls which changes color due to mineral deposits.
  • Marigot Bay: Hollywood movie magic was made there due to the white sand beaches and sunsets.
  • Sulphur Springs: The Caribbean’s only drive-in volcano.
  • The Saint Lucia Rainforest: Zipline through the forest and see various species of birds.

Stuff Gets Real

On the last day at the hotel, Rajiv booked a full body massage for Rosalind while he attended to a business call.

They go on a sunset cruise around the coastal shoreline of the island. Yes, it is romantic. It sets the stage for the two of them to be mature about the issue. Rajiv almost started to speak about the elephant on the beach when Marius calls with the sad news.

It Goes Downhill From There

Yes, it does. I’m writing about it now.

Hint: Hallmark would refuse this plot twist. Maybe I exaggerate.

Talk to you soon,


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