Camp Nanowrimo Day 27

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Remember: Marco got four flashdrives from Delia filled with information from an exclusive raw interview with Abbie. So far, he’s learned that there was a national criminal ring which had Marco in the middle.

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When Marco Got Taken

Abbie had gone “missing” for two and a half months. Marco should have been elated but he was not. She grew on him. In reality, Abbie was told to leave Marco alone. Actually, she had to disappear from everyone. Christmas came and Marco recalled feeling like Abbie had disappeared into thin air.

Marco and his family were under active surveillance. When he was kidnapped, there was every effort directed to getting him. It was difficult at times. But, according to Abbie, using all the resources available they were able to listen to chatter and hear that he was being taken to Arizona.

Abbie’s Tender Moments

For the first time, Marco got a hint that Abbie cared that he was missing three weeks. He heard care, worry and concern. When Marco was rescued, she was relieved. His family was important to her.

Via Tenor

Marco did hide information which at first did not mean anything but when it resurfaced, he realized that there was a lot that the suspect shared with him. There were numbers, names and locations. When the Federal Task Force did their sweep, it was Marco’s “ridiculous” memory that was the final piece of the puzzle.

The Aftermath

Abbie packed up all her desk contents in a Banker’s Box and retired from the Police Force. Besides, she had lingering pain from her injuries. She packed up and sold what she could and moved to a beach bungalow in beautiful Hawaii. A new Commissioner was sworn into office. Lieutenant Morales and her fake partner traded the Police uniforms for orange jumpsuits.

Next up, Abbie’s reflections.

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