Camp Nanowrimo: Day 26

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Words written: 2908

Running total: 40,792

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Okay! Let’s do the math!

The goal is 50,000 words. Right now, I’m at a deficit of 9,208 words. To achieve my goal, I will need to write 2,302 words by Saturday, April 30th before midnight. Can I do it?

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I just need to buckle down and keep my head in the game.

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Devin Booker from the Phoenix Suns! I just put the GIF here because he’s popular right now.

I’m a Lebron James fan. Wait for it…

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Okay before you come for me, how about I tell you what’s happening with the story. Full transparency: I am not sure about my characters. They’re taking up an existence of their own.

I see you questioning my insanity. Maybe after I am done, you can leave me a line or two.

Here Goes….

Rosalind and Rajiv have been friends since Primary School. They have been best friends.


Nothing inappropriate.

Yes, I told you that I want to see more about plutonic relationships between opposite sexes.

I am letting go and allowing my characters to do whatever pleases them.

You’re The Best For Hanging Around Thus Far

Rajiv aka Ollie went off script when he kissed Rosalind goodbye on the lips. I did not expect that to happen.

As a result, she became confused about his behavior. She did not feel violated. It was awkward and weird.

The entire time she is in Saint Lucia, she avoids any kind of meaningful conversation with him. Her texts are brief and she declines Whatsapp calls. That’s Rosalind’s way. But when she has experiences, in the past Ollie was that first phone call or text. What bars her now is the memory of that awkward lingering, feels so tingly all over her body goodbye kiss.

Ollie showed up with her mother not only because she will need support because Ma Rose is dying but he wants to know why she’s behaving differently towards him.

It’s valid, right?

I wanted them to have that “come to Jesus moment” by having Ollie insist that they spend time together in a hotel in the city. That city is many miles away.

At this point, I want them to be truthful about their relationship. We’re talking about two people in their mid-thirties who have known each other from Primary School.

Rosalind is not herself with Ollie. It’s as if she is tempered and cautious. This affects Ollie and makes him question whether she was happy to see him.

I’ll leave it there. However, there’s more about this relationship in my next entry. Also, there is a threat to anything going beyond plutonic.

Let’s see how they navigate that time together.

Talk to you later,


P.S. So when I broke up with Twitter, I saw a message saying, “sorry to see you go.”

Listen here! (In my West Indian voice)

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