Camp Nanowrimo Day 26

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First thing: Delia, Abbie’s adopted cousin is given the opportunity to have an exclusive interview with one of the key players in a national scandal. She’s an amateur in some respects. I wanted to put in transcripts from the interview in order to reveal the whole story and other facets of Abbie’s character.

Via Tenor

Once Abbie returned, she had a rough time accepting her new partner, Nick. Nothing felt quite the same with Cole no longer around. After telling the Lieutenant a few choice words and rightfully pissing off some important officials, she was publicly dismissed with the media onsite outside the precinct.

But it was…

Via Tenor

By this time, Abbie had been approached by a Federal Task Force aimed at dismantling the criminal ring which had spanned over six States. It included businessmen, cops, politicians and key government officials. It was all about power and greed at the expense of human lives.

About Dr. Torres

Marco listened much more intently eager to hear what she had to say. She is matter of fact with no hint of an emotional attachment. Hanging around Marco like the “plague” was her assignment. It was important for her to keep close to him because he may have been aware of some information which would have made him a target.

She knew about all the incidents as well as the swatting episode. Whatever means were being used, it was, according to Abbie, meant to put pressure on him.

Marco remembered not knowing why he was getting spam text messages, threats on his life and family for quite some time. That conversation with the decreased suspect did not make sense at the time.

Delia wanted to know intricate intelligence information but Abbie…

Via Tenor

What About could reveal was that she had more resources available to her than when she was at the Police Department.

Next time, Abbie opens up about Marco’s kidnapping and rescue.


Have I told you lately how much I think of you being supportive of me during this time?

I hope you’re well.

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