Camp Nanowrimo: Day 25

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Words written: 4195 words

Running total: 37, 884 words

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First thing: I’m glad I did not sign up for CNN plus. Why?

Second thing: Twitter, we’re through.

Third thing:  I don’t care about electric vehicles.

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The Real Story

Ma Rose, Rosalind’s grandmother is in a state of decline.


I worked in a hospice setting for some time. Patients on the verge of transitioning (we did not say dying) would find themselves doing a life review. It was a solemn time for them to look back on milestones and stages in their lives. Some were good and bad. Yet, they were in a state of mind, at least those I worked with, where they found some sort of peace with their lives.

Back To The Real Story

Ma Rose said shows Rosalind her personal stash of rum. Against her better judgment, Rosalind encourages a few sips. Rosalind joins her too. Then she finds an album which opens the door for Me Rose to reveal more about her life and that of the family.

Rosalind asks Ma Rose about the estrangement between her and Prisca (her mother). Ma Rose gives cryptic answers. Rosalind gets the feeling that this is a raw, sore issue. Her grandmother prefers to go to sleep.

Rosalind calls her mother about Ma Rose’s decline.

Weeks pass and Rosalind helps with the care and upkeep of the home, garden and shop. She does not broach the subject with her grandmother.

Cultural Sidenote

I wanted Rosalind to become absorbed in Kweyol Day celebrations. It is a day set aside to celebrate our African ancestry and language which is a mixture of African and French languages. There are street festivals, local Saint Lucian foods, merriment and feasting. Rosalind would have dressed up in a costume looking like this:

Women wearing the national dress of the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia in a pose.
Photo credit: SN Travel UK

An added feature for Rosalind was a pearl necklace from her grandmother. It was a gift from a diplomat’s wife.


Rosalind’s mother returns given the grave nature of Ma Rose’s condition. Prisca did not return alone.

Ollie (Rajiv) is in Saint Lucia as well. He traveled with Prisca. Rosalind is rattled by this news.

Rosalind gets the impression that her mother wants her to spend the night at the hotel. She packs a few things and leaves with her mother.

Marius calls her at the hotel hours later. Avonelle, the young lady she met on her first day, is in labor.


I am feeling the time crunch. I hear the time clock.

Let’s see,


P.S. Are you staying with Twitter?

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