Camp Nanowrimo Day 25

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Via Tenor

I miss watching cricket matches! Yeah the British colonizers taught us that. I’m a proud West Indian cricket fan!

The Interview Part Deux

At this point, Marco knows that Abbie should have died. With the extent of her injuries, she should have died. Marco remembers the intensity of Abbie’s surgery. He recalls praying for the first time in forever. He also recalls that she was in a medically induced coma when her partner Cole was being funeralized.

Family Tiff

Abbie and Delia have a tense relationship. Abbie’s adoption story was not like…

Via Tenor

Delia only reflected the thoughts of the rest of the family. When Abbie needed backup, Delia did not think twice. Delia did not want to be an outsider. Like the rest of the family, Abbie was tolerated. Marco understood the reason why Abbie distanced herself from Delia and the rest of the family.


Delia spoke about her Aunt Gayle doing a courageous act which was a statement to the family. She explained the fear of not being able to go out with her circle of friends or being vilified.

**This is a moment that I wanted to highlight because fear is at the heart of racism.***

I needed Abbie and Delia to come face to face with the elephant in the room. They did it with maturity.

More secrets to follow,


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