Camp Nanowrimo: Day 24

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Words written: 3,597 words

Running total: 33,689 words

Via Tenor

The end is in sight.

Obeah and Beliefs

My African ancestors were brought to Saint Lucia to work on plantations. They brought customs, language, culture and traditions with them. The plantation masters and colonizers outlawed certain practices including drumming because they feared an insurrection. In an attempt to root out African culture, they made laws to ban languages and certain customs. They did not however ban the wearing of chains, amulets and necklaces.

As a little girl, I heard stories of jumbies or zombies who came back from the dead to terrorize the living. I heard about seeking protection from those who were skilled in warding of spirits. Those people were always a mystery to me.

The thing is one does not know who practices obeah. It is shrouded in secrecy. I would hear these persons referred to as, “the woman” or “the man”.

That dread of being haunted or seeing the woman with the cloven hoofed foot in the street who sucks your blood scared me as a child. Never be out alone on the street.

The Story

In the story, I wanted Rosalind to get a peek into that part of Saint Lucian culture. Also, I gave her a taste of our story telling tradition through her grandmother.

What Lies Ahead

Ma Rose is declining. Prisca returns to Saint Lucia. There is a surprise visitor who comes to Saint Lucia as well.

Back to the pen and paper,


P.S. I know the odds.

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