Camp Nanowrimo Day 24

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Via Tenor

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Via Tenor

Marco is curious. Four flashdrives filled with information if he’s ready to unpack it.

The interview is held in Hawaii at Abbie’s beach bungalow. Remember Abbie said that her last mission would be solve the case, avenge her partner and retire. Marco learned that Abbie started after two years of college. She joined the Police Academy and finished college. On her squad, there were a few women. It never bothered her.

Her relationship with Cole was like siblings. They were partners who looked out for each other. No one else wanted to be here partner. Cole knew how to tolerate her; quirks and all.

In The Beginning

There had been a string of crimes involving high-powered weapons. Cole and Abbie were following leads based on the death of a three year old and a high school shooting. That night she met Marco, he had performed surgery on their suspect.

The interview went on to reveal that on the day of the tragedy, Abbie and Cole got a tip from a confidential informant to meet them at a residential complex. The street was secure and Police Officers got residents to evacuate. That area was a hotspot for criminal activities.

When they arrived on scene, Cole a phone call from the informant changing the address of the meetup. Abbie spoke about their routine to check each other’s equipment and vest before moving out. They did split up until shots were fired.

By the time she knew it, Cole was shot in an empty lot. She tried to return fire but it felt like they were lured to a kill box. Abbie repeats the tragedy as if she was giving a report to her superiors.

She had been shot and clung to get life. Cole, her partner of ten years had been killed.

Marco hung onto every word.

Writer’s Brain

This was a difficult piece to write. I had to think carefully before putting this on paper.

I think of brave Police Officers who do their duty and lost their lives in the line of duty. I think of their families, friends, brother and sister Officers who knew them.

I’ll end it here for now,


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