Camp Nanowrimo: Day 23

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Words written: 1457 words

Yeah. Below expectations.

Running total: 30,092 words

Did You See?

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So…. It was okay. That is all. My Batman is…

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Christian Bale. That is all.

Community Spirit

This is the part of the story where Rosalind becomes part of the village. It is a lively place full of diverse characters. As we learned earlier, she understands that there is a community network. Nothing really stays secret.


I wanted to incorporate customs and traditions in Saint Lucia. From a timeline point of view, I set the story between the months of September through December. All of the important events occur during this time.

Rosalind hears discussions of the flower festivals La Rose and La Marguerite. She also gets fitted for a dress for Jounen Kweyol, Creole Day. I wanted her to experience festivals and absorb the island’s culture.

The Setup

Rosalind gets more acquainted with Avonelle, the pregnant young lady who met her on the first day she met her family. This young lady is part of a story yet to be revealed to Rosalind.

Ma Rose starts to decline. Rosalind was aware of her terminal illness but was caught up with having a great relationship with her grandmother. It starts to become real when Ma Rose collapses. Rosalind has to accept the reality of her grandmother’s medical condition.

Writer’s Brain

I had to admit that I was having too much fun with Rosalind and her Saint Lucian experience. Her growing closeness with Ma Rose was great to write. I have mixed emotions right now about the imminent events regarding Ma Rose. But I know this is important to the story.

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