Camp Nanowrimo Day 23

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Above Average Daily Milestone Achieved!!

Seven days to go!!!

I just realized July had 31 days. Yes, feel free to judge me.

We May Become A Family

That trip to the zoo for Marco, Clarissa, Scarlett and Leila Jane took two months to organize. Marco had been slipping back into old habits. Work can help him forget and move forward. At the same time, he loved being around Scarlett and Leila Jane.

The outing was a test for him. It was wonderful. In his mind, this could be…

Via Tenor

A year passes with Marco cautious about whether he had something real with Scarlett. He did not mind helping with babysitting Leila Jane and having outings with her as well. I am talking about the kind which did not encourage other ideas.

That Christmas

Marco was not prepared for the Christmas present Scarlett would give him: a broken heart. I have to defend Scarlett because first person narration is the issue.

Scarlett tells him that he is in love with the fantasy of being with her but his heart is elsewhere.

Not with Livia, his ex-wife but Abbie. She recounts times when he brings up her name and she sees a difference. She believes Marco likes her. She likes him too but it does not feel right.

Via Tenor

It hurts. It feels like he’s divorced again. Yet, Scarlett speaks the truth from her vantage point. They can remain the closest of friends knowing that there are clear boundaries.

New Year’s Eve Present

Delia appears on his doorstep. He had not seen her in almost two years. A story is going to be told in the media which would be of great interest to him as a significant part of the story.

Via Tenor

He has four flashdrives with raw, unedited interview footage. It’s up to him make of it what he pleases.

All will be revealed next time,


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