Camp Nanowrimo: Day 22

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Words written: 3013 words

Running total: 28,635 words

News From The Home Front

I will need a new notebook soon. My wrist feels fine. My fingers are taking a punishment. However, having survived the rigors of a British education, this is a cake walk. If one could become a millionaire from writing pages of essays from Secondary School to Law School. Other than that, I’m like everyone else in Camp Nanowrimo Land:

Via Tenor

Family Matters

Because Rosalind wanted to know her family, she decided to not only stay in Saint Lucia but move into her grandmother’s house.

Via Tenor

Wait A Minute

I did not address Rosalind’s family in Scotland. In the context of the novel, they did not seem to matter. However, I may need to put in some paragraphs by way of comparison and contrast. The two families are different.

Rosalind’s paternal family lives in Edinburgh, Scotland. She has two Aunts. Her paternal grandmother is still living. She has a great relationship with them. Her father is the oldest sibling and head of the family. There has been a heightened curiosity about her mother’s family. I wanted to make her mother’s family the focus of Rosalind’s journey.

Soaking In The Culture

I created a bonding experience between Rosalind and her Aunts around her hair.

Via Tenor

This is a time to get to know her Aunts. However, it is a good opportunity to find out about her mother. I wanted Rosalind to learn about her ancestral heritage. Hair care and hairstyles are an education piece for Rosalind.

She discovers that her mother was a beauty pageant contestant and a singer. Her mother was a cruise ship entertainer. It was on one of those cruises that she met her future husband. Prisca sent a family picture years ago. This was the last time her family heard from Prisca.

Via Tenor

Rosalind goes fishing with Marius. This is a totally new experience which takes her out of her comfort zone.

Neighborhood Watch

Via Tenor

Another cultural shock for Rosalind is wagging tongues. Gossip and gossipers are everywhere. Even in a small village. It surprises her that by the time she returns from the fishing trip, Ma Rose (her grandmother) makes her aware of the rumor. In the same breath, she tells her granddaughter to live her life.

More to follow,


P.S. I am keeping my Netflix subscription. No way I’m losing access to my Korean dramas. 😜

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