Camp Nanowrimo Day 22

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Words written: 2969 words

Words needed to crush goal: 5188 words

Via Tenor

Truth Or Lie

Via Tenor

Listen, I had HUGE crush on that guy! I bought all his albums and sang all his songs. Sweet Puerto Rican face!!!

And I had a GRANDE crush on…

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Mi corazon 💕 Yes Enrique Iglesias!!! Do you remember this song? Bailamos! I’m just dancing thinking about it.

The Verdad

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Where Were We?

I’m actually loving this part of the story. Marco wants to move forward. He wants to live more than he ever had before. Back in the hospital, he realized that there was a second chance. He would take a risk for once in his life.

He decided to join his Mama and Clarissa to attend Leila Jane’s christening. One thing I wanted to do to affect Marco’s mind during the christening.

Abbie, as expected stood up front next to Scarlett as Leila Jane’s godmother. The whole ceremony takes about twenty-five minutes. Marco is seated up front with his family and cannot avoid seeing her. At that moment he’s not bothered.

Over at the house, there’s a gathering. It was smaller than Marco expected. She was the widow of a cop. The whole precinct should have been there. However, with the whole scandal affecting the police department, it is understandable.

You Are Amazing 🤩🤩

I have kept some parts of the story secretive from the readers and Marco. The entire story is told from Marco’s perspective. Whatever he knows, the reader knows. First person narration is only aware of…

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On A Moonlight Night

Via Tenor

Scarlett and Marco had a nice conversation on a porch swing. It was engaging, full of possibilities and for once, he could laugh and smile. But when Scarlett kept harping on Abbie’s disappearance after the christening. In his mind, “I’m trying to move on here and you keep talking about that woman.”

Once Scarlett left to check on Leila Jane, his mind recalled Abbie at the christening. It’s amazing how he remembers how she looked, what she wore, her demeanor and he followed that thought rabbit.

Writer’s Brain

I wanted to challenge Marco because he is still not aware of the whole story and whether he wanted to believe it or not, he still had some kind of feelings for Abbie.

Via Tenor

This is the closest Marco had to a first date since Livia. As far as Marco was concerned, this could be the start of something great. So why not start with taking their kids to the zoo?

Via Tenor

What’s Up With You?

Are you all doing okay? We’re getting hotter on a global scale than hell. So please keep cool! Check on your older neighbors. Please do not engage with people who want to take you down the pits of hell. You know who you are! You got more power than you know!

Well, I speak to myself sometimes and I needed to get that out of my system.

Back to writing,


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