Camp Nanowrimo: Day 21

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Words written: 2967 words

Running total: 25,662

Via Tenor

Small victories. Yes I am taking that!

Well today was about eyes on the prize, eye of the tiger. You get it.

I Digress

Have you seen The Darkest Hour? Sir Winston Churchill can sit at my dinner table anytime. I love to learn about people who do not fit the mold. His speeches fired me up!

Via Tenor

Living With Strangers

Mum went back to Edinburgh and Rosalind left the hotel to move in with her grandmother.


I wanted Rosalind to get out of her comfort zone. Since she’s curious about all of the complicated layers of her extended family, why not move her in with them? Besides, it may be a growth experience or some faith of personal development.

Sunday Vibes

Early Sunday morning, Rosalind checked out of the hotel and moved into her grandmother’s house. She goes to Mass with her grandmother at the village Catholic Church. Later on in the day she gets to have actual conversations with her Aunts. Up to this moment, she never really have any connection with them.

My Thoughts

I want Rosalind to get a cultural shock. She’s from Scotland and I want her to be fully immersed in her mother’s culture. I did put some references to her appearance and accent. It seemed realistic to put in some mild comments.

From a character perspective, Rosalind is going through a personal growth phase. Her decision to stay may stem from being a Pediatric Oncologist/Doctor. Everything in her world is changing. I wanted her to have a heightened awareness in order to make meaningful decisions. ,

More to follow,


P.S. Be safe. Courage to my brothers and sisters in Ukraine. 🇺🇦

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