Camp Nanowrimo Day 21

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Words written: 1,367 words

I’m really feeling the pressure now. Nine days to go! It will almost be the home stretch.

Where We Left Off

Due to the extent of Marco’s injury from the gunshot to his leg (same leg where he got shot when trying to come to America as a nine year old), he is placed on modified duty until further review.

Via Tenor

Listen, Toby represented us in HR impeccably in spite of the circumstances. Don’t come for me The Office fans!

Marco does eight hour stretches in order to relieve any pain with intermittent breaks. That means he gets home earlier. Much to the delight of her four year old daughter and his Mama.

Didn’t I Tell You?

His temper was tested when after his modified shift, Mama asked him to pick up Clarissa at her playdate with Scarlett and Leila Jane. When he got there, he found himself wondering…

Via Tenor

Abbie was at that playdate with his daughter. He just had to control himself. Scarlett was being hospitable with coffee and conversation. But he was pissed. But for Clarissa, he would have yanked her out of the facility.


I wrote in five agonizing minutes where Marco and Abbie were a mere feet from each other. Neither one of them even acknowledged the other existed.

Via Tenor

On the way home, Clarissa, while being her bubbly personality tells Marco that she wants a Mommy. This just stumps him. He started to wonder what ideas were being placed in her brain. Was Abbie planting those seeds in her head?

Via Tenor

So, he makes it clear to Mama that he’s Clarissa’s father. She’s not spending time with Abbie again.

Sweet Dreams

Still stewing from the playdate, Marco tries to settle down for the night when he gets a text message from Scarlett. It was a surprise. Well, a pleasant surprise. She invited him to Leila Jane’s christening. Late but important. He hesitates for a few minutes. There was that personal rule not to parade women before his daughter unless he was going into a serious commitment. However, if there’s one thing he learned from the traumatic experience was to enjoy life on his terms. Enjoy the simple things.

Via Tenor

Texting for about a half hour felt amazing. Possibilities, eh? 😉

We’ll find out next time,


P.S. I have not done one of those in a while. I’m feeling the fatigue and the pressure. Still doing this!

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