Camp Nanowrimo: Day 20

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Words written: 2669 words

Running Total: 22,655 words

All right.  Let’s do some math.

Via Tenor

If the goal is 50,000 words by April 30th and I have already written 22,655 words, how many words must be written per day?

50,000-22,655=27,345 words.

Broken down per day: 27345÷10=2734.5 per day. Let’s say 2735 words. 

Via Tenor

Okay.  I have my orders.

Continuing On

We left Rosalind with her extended family. She met Telca, the comic relief character. The story continues at her extended family home. 

Midmorning, her mother appears at the house.  Rosalind cannot shake off the tension between her and her mother. With the exhaustion from morning chores, Rosalind decided to take a nap. Her grandmother offered her bed. Inasmuch as she wanted to stay and see if her mother would speak with her grandmother.

Hours passed and she finds that Telca is visiting. Another visitor comes to the house. This person adds another complex layer. The politician who represents the area visits Ma Rose aware of the gossip regarding her medical condition. Prisca, her mother appears in the house creating the impression that she knows him. She asks about his father and his wife. Before he leaves, Telca asks about his sister. The politician’s body language increases Rosalind’s curiosity.

That would be answered when Marius takes her for a drive. On the way, they stop by a house. Based on the clues Telca provided, Rosalind discovers that the young lady she met on the first day at the house was the politician’s sister. She also discovers that the young lady works at her grandmother’s shop.

Marius attempts to get into her head but she blocks him. She wants to put everything in perspective without distractions. Marius tries to get her to relax. She relents going with him to a local bazaar.

Later that night, Prisca tells Rosalind that she needed to leave after a week because of her father. Rosalind refuses to accept her excuse. She has decided to leave the hotel and move in with her grandmother. Prisca is surprised at her quick attachment to her extended family. Prisca leaves for the UK the next morning.


Rosalind enters new territory. She will be having an island experience with complete strangers.

2735 words, right?

Thoughts and prayers indeed,


Mariupol, 🇺🇦 I am sending prayers by the minute. You are in my heart.

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