Camp Nanowrimo Day 2

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Words written: 1907 words

Running goal: 4428 words

When We Last Spoke

Marco Torres, ER Trauma Surgeon had to perform surgery on Detective Abigail Bathsheba Peterson who was slipping away from gunshot wounds.

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So, I read up on gunshot wounds, surgeries, how bullets can shatter bones, the various arteries that are essential to life itself and the bloody gore.

Eh Google? I’m a writer.

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At this point, Marco does what he’s trained to do: perform surgery to the best of his knowledge and hopefully not kill her. The severity of her wounds become real to him once he examines her body.

The Detective coded but after several attempts, she had a weak pulse.

After The Storm

With Detective Abigail in a medically induced coma, Marco made sure that she was made comfortable and monitored.

At this point, I put in a surprise. So, I said that Marco is a busy ER Trauma Surgeon. Even when he’s with his daughter and Mama, he’s not really present.

Enter Gayle. She’s a warm, friendly person who made his acquaintance since he joined the hospital staff. She asks about the Detective and drops a bombshell.

Detective Abigail Person affectionately known as Abbie is her adopted daughter.

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Hint of conflict: Abbie’s Lieutenant nags Marco about surgery. He keeps asking about whether she shared anything with him before being put under.

Next, he also asks about the suspect on whom he had performed surgery weeks before. That’s the suspect who was found hanging in a cell.

Marco shakes it off. Just another day. He gives as much information as necessary without indulging in his fishing expedition.

Moving Forward

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Abbie regains consciousness. Marco monitors her for infections and pain management. No one, to his knowledge informed Abbie of her partner’s death. As he was about to end his shift, he’s called to her room.

Her Mom, Gayle told her. She did not take it well. Marco gave her space to vent and gave her a choice. Abbie chose to listen to her doctor.

Next Time

Marco has to deliver a baby. Something he has not done in a million years. Abbie happens to be a big part of the labor and delivery process.

Okay Day 3 is on the horizon,


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