Camp Nanowrimo: Day 19

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Words written: 1743 words

Running Total: 19,986 words

Do the math, friend.

Via Tenor

How Am I Doing?

Quite frankly, I am exhausted. Juggling everything is not a badge of honor. It drains you. However, there is a goal in sight and I must take this to the finish line. Do you want to see my writing beverage of choice?

Via Tenor

Sweet Java goodness.

Enough About Me


The conflict better Rosalind and her mother deepens. Next morning, Rosalind goes to her grandmother’s house. She spends the morning hours gardening and doing household chores with her grandmother. The experience creates a closeness for her grandmother. It baffles her that after a short period of time she can form a quick attachment.

At this point, I introduced the first of the community characters. Telca is a personality who lives up a room. She is loyal to Ma Rose and her family. I wanted to bring in some comic relief even in the face of growing conflict. Telca will also serve as the blunt personality who, in her own way moves the plot along.

Right Now

I can’t believe where this plot is taking me. I thought I had this all mapped out perfectly.

Bear with me,


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