Camp Nanowrimo Day 19

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Words written: 1497

What Is Life Without Hope?

Via Tenor

Where We Left Off…

Marco was kidnapped by unknown captors. He was completely disoriented and had no concept of day or night. It was a horror which would not end.

He was tossed in the back of a van and taken on a long ride that never seemed to end. Once the van stopped, he was hustled into a building. It was different from the dark, windowless cell.

Nick, Abbie’s partner rushed into the room. Lieutenant Morales also enters. In Marco’s mind, they’re the …

Via Tenor

It took one word and the faces of the men who brutally assaulted him for Marco to realize that they were…

Via Tenor

If Marco thought he was in hell, he was no where ready for…

Via Tenor

I Told You …

This challenged me immensely. I was not prepared for the decisions I would have to make in this situation. It was important to put Marco through this nightmare because…

Marco Lied

A first person narrator cannot be trusted. Marco hid more information from the reader. He knew numbers but he also had knowledge of persons involved in criminal schemes, banks, businesses, and political figures even in the Governor’s Office.

I had to make him lie. He’s not a perfect narrator.

Always Listen To Your Gut

Zaroun called her a human…

Via Tenor

He had overheard the tense conversation between Abbie and Delia. During his captivity, he learns more about Abbie.

Take That With A Grain Of Salt

She was on indefinite suspension, rude, stubborn, fierce, manipulative and a witch. She is defiant and difficult to manage. She is a narcissist and only cares about her way.

Abbie was the best undercover cop because she knew how to manipulate people. She knew how to make people obsess over her and want to share everything.

That’s what his captors said.

Marco talked. He shared everything. His captors made it clear that he had to be eliminated.

Hope In Red Dots

Via Tenor

This was the true rescue. He hears voices, shots zinging across the building and Abbie’s voice.

Via Tenor

Nothing more.

Next up, revelations and consequences.

More to follow,


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