Camp Nanowrimo: Day 18

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Words written: 984 words

Running Total: 18243 words

All right. 


I had to buy new pens yesterday.  Handwriting can do a number on fingers, wrist, etc. I used those Frixion pens and it became uncomfortable. 

Via Tenor

My ideal pen must have:

  • a smooth ball point
  • great grip
  • glide across the page and
  • it must be blue ink

That is all. Not too much to ask.  If I am comfortable with the right pen,  I can write for hours. 

Via M.

This is my writing buddy. Whoa, I am not getting a penny to endorse this pen. It has a triangular grip that allows for great dexterity.

Oh, pardon me. That’s my notebook in the background.

Where Did I Leave Off?

Rosalind is in a flux— to put it lightly. She had an argument with her Mum and decided to go to the poolside bar. It would be late in Edinburgh but she texts Ollie. She wants refuge. They have a video call which is a bit rough. Ollie is irritated after a tough day. Neither one of them is in good spirits.

In the midst of her video call, Marius appears at the hotel to apologize for ignoring her earlier. Rosalind is not amused.

She heads back to her room. Prisca, her mother appears in her doorway, expressing concern about their argument. It is at this point that her mother reveals that she only intended to stay for one week.

Shocking. Her grandmother got a terminal diagnosis. This angers Rosalind. She bought a one way ticket. It was her mood at the time.

Prisca tells her daughter that she has no clue about the extended family. Whatever fantasy she holds is just that—- fantasy. Rosalind begins to question her mother’s behavior. She tells her mother she intends to stay in Saint Lucia.

Writer’s Brain

I did not want Prisca to stay in Saint Lucia for one week. I wanted her to do something shocking. It seems unconscionable to leave after hearing a terminal illness. In my mind, I wanted to heighten the conflict.

Okay, I have to get to 20,000 before this weekend. At least by Thursday.

Don’t roll your eyes at me [Lol],


P.S. I did the bike at the gym today. Stay safe.

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