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My Writer’s Brain

First thing: I have been a true crime fan for years. Ever since I was studying for my Law Degree and pursuing my Mental Health Counseling Master’s degree. I have always wanted to understand what drives people to make depraved choices.

I’m not feeling happy about writing this portion. I happen to like my protagonist too much to put him through hell. I had to really divorce myself as a person from this book. Take away the emotion and be objective.

So…I wanted to write this personal horror as I thought Marco would experience it.

Full transparency. That is what I promised you.

Via Tenor

Long Dark Night That Nevers Seems To End

Marco was at a village party in Mexico celebrating the end of the charity group’s work in the village. Everything went wrong. In the days that followed he was not sure whether he was alive or dead.

Once he became fully aware, his hands were bound. His feet were bound on either chair leg. He was in a rotten state. There were persons in the room who spoke perfect Spanish. Neither one of them answered his questions.

What happened in the following days was nothing short of torture. He was left in a windowless room with hardly any food and humane attention. There were threats of harm if his family did not pay. Threats to his life with a clicking gun to his head.

His captors were interested in his work with the charitable group. In his mind, there must have been some connection with the group.

After fourteen days, he was tossed into the back of a van and took a nonstop ride to an unknown destination. There was no water, food or bathroom breaks.

The van finally stopped. Once the blindfold was removed, he was in a house in desert conditions. Two faces appear familiar to him: Abbie’s Lieutenant and Abbie’s partner.

Via Tenor

I’ll end it there.

More to follow,


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