Camp Nanowrimo: Day 17

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Words written: 814 words

Running total: 17, 259 words

Via Tenor

20,000 words didn’t happen as I planned. That certainly puts me behind. With 12 days to go, I will have to strategize. I’ve come to terms with the fact that unpredictability happens.

Clearly I have to put an action plan in place to avoid a repeat next weekend.


Mothers and Daughters

Ma Rose, Prisca (Rosalind’s mother) and Rosalind (our protagonist). The connection between mothers and daughters can be either beautiful or fraught with conflict. In my view, the basis of their relationship stems from generational circumstances. Habits, experiences and perceptions passed down from generation to generation.


If you want to see how I treated the relationship between fathers and sons, flip through the pages of Love Knows.

Back To The Story

Having learned that her grandmother is terminal, Rosalind feels cheated by her mother. Here was an opportunity to know her grandmother. Now there was a small window for any relationship to be formed. Whenever she broached the subject with her mother, she was ignored or brushed off.

Her grandmother is an intriguing woman. It maybe she could learn more about her family, her grandmother and her mother.

Rosalind makes another attempt to get her mother to open up. This time she is frustrated. She does not recognize this person. Her accent changed and she spoke Kweyol. She feels betrayed.


Prisca reminds her that she is her mother. This should settle the argument. No matter how much she protests, her mother refuses to provide answers.

From this point, Rosalind realizes that she will have to get answers on her own. A great starting point would be her grandmother.

Let’s go,


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