Camp Nanowrimo: Day 16

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Total words written: 1748 words

Running total: 16,445 words

A good day. A strategic day.

Next stop: 20, 000 words by weekend

Via Tenor

Did You See?

Lizzo on SNL was….

Via Tenor

My favorite sketch was the booty pop orchestra. Listen she was electric! And I am not a fan. So, this is a big deal for me.

Okay, friend.

Now, I gave Rosalind and Ma Rose some getting to know you time. Together, they decided to prepare a meal. Rosalind learns about Saint Lucian cuisine.

Marius joins them. Her grandmother leaves on account of feeling ill. She has no appetite.

Marius becomes a nuisance when while they are having supper a young lady appears at the kitchen doorway. The conversation between Marius and the young lady creates discomfort for Rosalind. She leaves noting that their conversation in Kweyol was clearly intended to exclude her. She leaves.

As she climbed the stairs, a heated conversation could be heard between her mother and sisters. It is revealing because her mother’s voice seems unfamiliar. Also she speaks Kweyol. She is discovered and excuses herself to see her grandmother.

Her grandmother is in her bedroom visibly ready for bed. Rosalind asks permission to check her vitals. Rosalind learns that her grandmother wants to see her again. This tugs at her heartstrings. She wants to know her grandmother.

Rosalind wants to pursue a relationship with her grandmother even though it is on borrowed time. Her mother cannot deflect her questions anymore. She needs to confront her mother.

That’s where I called it a day.

Do you see 20,000 words in my stars?

Enjoy your Easter weekend friend,


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