Camp Nanowrimo Day 16

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M Where Have You Been?

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Today I wrote on the road. Secret: Wherever I go, my notebooks and pens follow. The pictures above were from my trip to Tombstone, AZ. Yes, the site of the Gunfight At The OK Corral.

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So I’ll Show You My Homework

Back To The Cabin

Abbie had proven that she was not just a tag along but a hard worker. Not that she had to prove it to him. On the last night, they speak about love, first kisses and relationships. It takes a serious tone when Marco tells his earliest memories of leaving El Salvador for the Mexican border.

About Adoption

Abbie tells the story of being an abandoned African-American baby found in a dumpster adopted by a single Caucasian woman. Her story did not end up like…

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Hmmm. Annie.

I wanted to debunk the myth that all adoption stories have a happy ending. In this case, Abbie relates that her adopted Mom’s family was not receptive. She recalled watching separate plates and silverware being placed aside for her use at her adopted cousin’s house. She felt like an outsider.

She makes it clear that once she gets the case solved, she’s leaving Ohio.

Marco refuses to tell her the information the patient shared on that night they first met. She cannot be trusted. Abbie backs off.

A Dreary Day

Abbie’s adopted mom passes away suddenly. Marco goes to get Abbie in order to bring her to the funeral. She resisted him knowing that meeting the rest of the family would be horrible.


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This is the first time, Marco starts to feel…

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Abbie gives him a longer than usual gaze. He bites. It feels good.

At the house, he overhears Abbie in an argument with Delia. In that conversation, he hears Delia lash out at her for being manipulative and inconsiderate. At this point, he has heard and seen enough to think this may not be true. It’s like being in…

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Right Now

He wants to see what would happen if he pried the curtain back a bit. On Thanksgiving Day, Abbie is invited to his house. It is a great time for him and his daughter Clarissa. But it was cut short because she was on call.

Where My Head Is?

Listen I am super proud of myself today!! 😊💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾🎉


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