Camp Nanowrimo Day 15

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Words written: 2330 words

Halfway progress: 29, 167 words

Via Moi & La vie est Belle

This was a fun photo collage I wanted to put out there to celebrate my halfway milestone.

Where Were We?

Marco and his self-invited guest Abbie were headed to his cabin in the Upper Peninsula in Michigan. The cabin was his personal investment inspired by his father.

Via Tenor

Marco goes through his routine checklist to take care of the cabin. Abbie jumps right in to clean the interior of the cabin. As far as the exterior was concerned, Marco put on his tool belt and get to work.

Did he think that Abbie was actually working on the interior? Maybe. However, when he steps inside he sees…

Via Tenor

Getting To Know You

My plan for this time at the cabin was for Marco and Abbie to get to know each other. I had another motive with this plan because Abbie may try pressuring him to share more information to help her case.

Scratching The Surface

After playing two truths and a lie, the conversation shifted to their personal stories. Abbie shared her adoption story. Marco tells of losing his father as a kid.

The conversation deepens and reaches fever pitch in the last two days of their time at the cabin.

On to the next 15 days,


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