Camp Nanowrimo: Day 14

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Words written today: 766 words

Running total: 14,697 words

Sidebar Before We Dive In

Do you sometimes feel like you really don’t care about expectations or what people think of you? You just want people to accept you. It’s their issue if they’re stuck in their own thought patterns.

Yes friend. My mood. Right now. I’m authentic. Like me or not.

Via Tenor

In my culture, Vicks and herbal medicine is the first prescription before pills.

We say tablets.

It was quite understandable that Rosalind’s grandmother would put up resistance to chemotherapy and prescription medication. Again, African customs and culture is powerful in Saint Lucian traditions.

A Mini Lesson on Herbal Medicine

To press the matter further, I had Ma Rose, Rosalind’s grandmother, give her a tour of the backyard garden. Rosalind was trained in modern medicine. This is a challenge to her top notch medical training.

I incorporated some popular herbs in Kweyol. Here are a few:

  • Awalie Clusia- used to ward off evil spirits.
  • Bwa bande- when placed in strong white rum can help with sexual performance.
  • Bwa let- used to help new mothers stop nursing.
  • Kope Lebwa- increases the appetite.

Every summer, I got a healthy dose of senna bush tea to flush out toxins before the new school year.

Via Tenor

My wish is that you drink something tolerable today,


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