Camp Nanowrimo Day 14

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Moving Forward Kinda

What Marco does not know cannot hurt him.

Via Tenor

He’s surprised to hear that while he was in the hospital, Police Officers stood guard outside of his room.

Via Tenor

I need to see the new Gru Minions movie.

Why would cops be guarding his room? Maybe it was an apology for the mistaken early morning raid.

Testing 1…2…3…

As a favor to his colleague, he takes part in a community event. At the event, he sees a tall, strikingly handsome man standing next to Abbie. Kinda like him 👇🏽

Via Tenor

He discovers that Nick is Abbie’s new partner. Marco and his team participate in a short presentation about taking the flu vaccine. He volunteers Nick to take the vaccine. There’s jealousy in that Marco lies about not having anymore aspirators and is gleefully excited about…

Via Tenor

A shot to the arm.

Reality May Hurt

On the way home on his beloved motorcycle, he loses control. Thank goodness for…

Via Tenor

The whole episode is frightening. He is riding like an erratic motorist. In the hospital, he feels the full extent of his injuries. Abbie appears at the hospital.

Via Tenor

As he leaves, he sees a few faces which took him back to the time he was beaten. Abbie takes a look and gives him a way out. He leaves by the back exit and takes the bus home.

Fight, Fight, Fight

At the apartment, Marco is nursing a huge headache. Abbie is at his apartment wondering when he will tell her everything. He sidesteps her questions upset with the treatment he had received from cops. The issue is trust and Marco must think about his family. He threatens her with a restraining order or a civil complaint.


Every Fall, Marco goes to his family cabin in the Upper Peninsula, Michigan to prep for the upcoming winter. That morning, Abbie defies his ban. She insists that he listen to her information. Still upset with her, he dared to listen. He was in a world of trouble which would mean danger to himself and those he loves. It involved figures who knew how to evade justice and cover their tracks without a conscience.

Marco is in a tailspin. Abbie tries to assure him that Clarissa, his daughter and his mother will be watched incognito.

In typical fashion, she invited herself to the camping trip.

About Bastille Day

Via Tenor

I can’t deny my French heritage.

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