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Words written: 1814 words

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This is my Bible for my writing process. I’ve been jotting down ideas for this novel. My mind is in overdrive about how the plot unfolds.

Lesson Learned?

Besides Camp NanoWrimo, I have a full-time job, work on an Etsy shop, write and engage in other creative ventures. Hey, I love putting my brain to work. But I was chatting with my Princess K (the quiet perceptive one 🤣) and discovered that it’s insane to overbook yourself every single day. I’ve been doing this for some time and still …

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Right now, I need to focus on this writing challenge. After a hard day’s work, this is all this body could handle. So, I said, “M, come on girl!”

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Story Time

Marco is an emotional mess. Let’s face it! This has been five years of compounded emotions.

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Dude, Where You At?

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This is the part when I made Zaroun become Marco’s reality check. He shows up with food. Everything is better when there’s food!!

Zaroun lets him know that he’s distant and secretive. He tells Marco that he saw Livia at the hospital but does not talk about her pregnant appearance. With patience, he draws out of Marco his raw impressions after going to meet Livia.

The Most Interesting Pickle

I needed to find a way to jog Marco’s memory of that night with the suspect. I let him watch mindless television while entertaining Zaroun. Rude, right. But let’s not forget he’s a basket case because he saw his ex-wife.

After the movie, this appears on the screen…

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There’s a break for the live drawing of the nights lottery numbers.


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Marco is blown away. What he recalls involves numbers. Numbers?! What? In the middle of Zaroun’s lecture he rattles off the numbers. He grabs his phone and puts it in his notes.

Zaroun is puzzled. Marco begins to share the recent events starting with the suspect who was on his surgical table. Zaroun is quiet for a long time. Marco explains that he did not want to drag in his best friend who was a soon to be father. Zaroun told him to get a license for a firearm.

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Like Mando because he had to save Baby Yoda and… Okay I stopped!!!

Marco tells him about Abbie. Zaroun is not a fan of Abbie. He described her as a human…

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Tsunami!!! She was full blown intense. That’s what Zaroun said.

It makes sense for Marco that there is this impression that he’s a piece of a puzzle for the people who are pursuing him.

The Reason Why

Before Zaroun leaves, he addresses what he really came to talk about with Marco: getting over Livia. It’s been five years and almost as long as Clarissa was alive.

At this point, Zaroun wanted Marco to know that he’s holding onto a past that needs to stay in the past. Zaroun validated that it’s normal to still love Livia but do not take up residence in a dream that was over.

Below The Belt

I wanted to address male infertility. For men, it is a sore point. Well, some. Marco wanted children but while married to Livia, he discovered that the issue was with him. It was crushing. Another reason he is a “recluse” from the Land Of Dating is that he does not want a hookup but a commited relationship with the view of a family.

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The last thing he wants is to parade women in front of Clarissa.

At this point, he has to decide whether to lock himself in a prison which he built for himself brick by brick or …

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Hey 👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽

If you have any comments about my Camp NanoWrimo July Chronicles so far, feel free to leave a comment, feedback, emoji, whatever 🤣.

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Well I gotta go.

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