Camp Nanowrimo: Day 12

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Total words written: A disappointing 407 words

Running total: 12,965 words


I was transparent about my personal reactions since starting to write this story. It seems like there are bits and pieces surfacing.

I feel a discomfort with some of those issues. Reason being it challenges some beliefs from childhood.

Culture is much more powerful than we think.

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About Etiquette

At this moment, Rosalind is experiencing a cultural shock. Sidenote: I had to be realistic with my decisions. Residents of the UK, Scotland, Ireland and Wales know about the Caribbean. Especially Saint Lucia. Europeans visit often. It would make sense that Rosalind would hear about Saint Lucia but not have the foggiest idea about it’s culture, etc.

So moving right along.

I’ve struggled with slipping into my native tongue in front of non speaking guests. Rosalind experiences this with her extended family. There are frequent conversations in Kweyol. This perplexes her because she’s not a part of the conversation.

This could alienate people. It appears offensive. In polite company, it is best to reconsider slipping into the native tongue.

To be fair, the native tongue is the mother tongue. Stay with me. For those of us whose first language is not English, speaking in our native tongue comes as second nature. It’s natural and normal.

If the non speaker understands the language, no issue exists. If the converse exists then there may be an issue.

This is difficult for me. I understand why Rosalind felt ostracized. I think sometimes it is best to be conscious of the context before we engage.

If I confused you, my sincere apologies. I want to be transparent with you. I promised you would get a peek into my writer’s brain.

All right until next time,


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