Camp Nanowrimo Day 12

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On Today’s Episode Of Truth Or Lie

Truth: I’m feeling the pressure. Doing this blog amps it up even more. And this is good. This is the life I wanted and I accept it wholeheartedly.


Via Tenor

Hey, listen I have to tell you about my Bollywood addiction! 💃🏾💃🏽

The Most Difficult Part

Marco had accepted his ex-wife’s invitation to meet up. Livia chose their once favorite cafe. Marco was nervous. It had been five years since he last laid eyes on his ex-wife. The last time they met was across a large table where their divorce was finalized.

He does not trust himself. He is still in love with Livia. Still he feels like he needs to shave, choose the right outfit, get a haircut and take a run before he gets ready. She has to see what she gave up.

Via Tenor

I miss you Pablo! Fast and Furious For Life!

I Digress

Marco is still mesmerized by her beauty which does not seem to fade. Livia tries small talk but Marco grows irritated. In his mind, she had the life she craved.

Via Tenor

No way was she going to see Clarissa. He’s super protective of Clarissa. Livia gave up her parental rights and gave Marco full custody. On his way out, she begs him for a favor.

Via Tenor

Listen, I struggled with writing this scene. Marco is in love with Livia but still grieves the divorce. To make it worse it hurts to see her pregnant. It made him feel like a failure again.

Livia’s lover, the father of her child was in the States for heart surgery. She wanted him to help with being a part of the surgical team.

Via Tenor

If he had to make a clean break, this would be the better course of action. Marco said his final goodbye to Livia.

Via Tenor

That was it. Marco was going to learn to move on.

Like I am going to move on to write. Like right now 🤣


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