Camp Nanowrimo: Day 11

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Four days away from the halfway mark.

Writing count: 1119 words

Running total: 12,558 words


Via Tenor

I love writing about complex relationships. Family, in my mind is based on layers of complications.

Peeling those layers off would reveal humanity at its worst and at its best. It’s true, we do not get the luxury of choosing our family members.

I think we need to learn how to navigate through those relationships while being true to ourselves.

Where Were We?

Rosalind is still processing her mother’s announcement of having Aunts, Uncles and a Grandmother. Her mother refuses to address the situation which frustrates her even more. Now, they are in the village about to meet those relatives.

Yes, it is as one would expect.

Via Tenor

Rosalind notes the following:

  • Her grandmother and her mother do not acknowledge each other;
  • There are remarks about abandonment;
  • Her aunts and uncles seem to be disgusted by her mother’s presence in the house;

It is the most uncomfortable situation. Rosalind struggles to understand why her mother would not want to leave.

But there’s Marius….

This young man was raised by the family. His mother left for America to work as a domestic maid/babysitter and sends money for his welfare. Marius is more curious by her and her mother but shows some tact. It could be some form of kindness.

Finally, Rosalind and her mother get to leave. At the hotel, she is anxious to engage her mother. Her mother refuses.

There’s Ollie.

Her best friend. This is the one person with whom she can share everything. What prevents her from shooting a text message is the memory of that goodbye kiss. It’s awkward.

So, she sits alone to process the day.

Writer’s Brain

Do you want the truth or a lie? Writing this feels like I am right smack dab in the thick of the tension. I’m exhausted just thinking about the topsy turvy nature of this issue.

Pressing on,


P.S. Don’t think me rude for not asking about how you are doing. I hope you and all you love are well.

Talk soon. 😊

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