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A Word

I watched a documentary about the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in Wuhan, China. It’s been like two years later since…

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And …

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Via Tenor

COVID-19 is still here even though we’re in this relaxed environment. I am writing this story against the backdrop of the post-shutdowns or shelter in place orders. I wanted to highlight the courage and bravery of healthcare and frontlineworkers during the continuing crisis.

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And I wanted to show gratitude for my healthcare hero.

Healthcare heroes were among the hardest hit during the height of the pandemic. They were the ones on the frontline seeing the worst of the pandemic. So even when the flyovers are done, the clapping at shift change or the signs on the lawn are over, they have to deal with the continuing crisis.


Marco had survived the pandemic. At this point in the story, Marco develops Covid symptoms. He wakes up in the hospital not knowing that he was sick. His mother found him after he failed to respond to calls and text messages. Once he was fully recovered, he felt like a new man. Time to get out of the house.

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Listen! I absolutely love Lee Min-ho! Have you seen Pachinko? Okay I knew him before that🤣😎🤩

Anyhow, Marco is all dressed up, reserved a table at his favorite restaurant, whistled in a chipper mood and Abbie shows up unannounced. She thought he would still be covered in…

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Vicks is the Holy Grail for all sickness! 🤣🤣

He lets her know that he had no time to chat. Abbie invited herself along on the pretext of keeping tabs on him for health reasons. She offers to drive him there. At the restaurant, Marco comes face to face with the woman who broke his heart five years earlier.

Say Hello To Livia

Livia and Marco met in Medical School. For Marco, he fell hard from the first look. They were inseparable and got married with all the grandiose plans for a family and growing old together. They tried unsuccessfully to have children. Together they decided to adopt a child. Clarissa was born and the couple were on track to have a great life.

Then, things fell apart.

Livia was not happy anymore. She wanted more and it did not include being a mother, wife and growing old together. Their attempts to mend their relationship failed.

The divorce was heartbreaking.

When He Saw Her

The pain came  back. And she was…

Via Tenor

It sours the whole evening for Marco. Truth is: Marco is still in love with Livia. He sees his own inadequacy because he was the reason for their infertility.

So, where he was expecting to have an evening where he finally ate a decent meal, he ate and ignored Abbie.

Around 11 p.m. he got a text from Livia.

Via Tenor

I cannot wait to see where this goes when I put pen to paper!!

Via Tenor


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