Camp Nanowrimo: Day 10

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Total word count today: 1400 words

Running total: 11,439 words

Today was a bit more relaxed. I was focused. I had a plan. I sat down in a quiet space and wrote enough to surpass my daily goal of 1000 words.

Via Tenor

Moving Right Along

Rosalind and her mother Prisca arrive in Saint Lucia. Prisca tells Rosalind that she knows there are questions but she will address it in due course. Rosalind is asked to be polite and civil. Only answer questions when asked. Odd requests but Rosalind prefers to let her mother take the lead.

The following day, Rosalind and her mother go to visit the family in the village of Morne Chans. While there she meets her Aunts, Urista, Melita, Sharon and Terrina. She also meets her two uncles Roger and Mindoo.

Rosalind is introduced to a young man who was raised in the household from birth but not a blood relative called Marius.

Yes! I Did It Again!

I thought about Marius because it felt natural to have Rosalind meet someone on a holiday.

Marius is 23 years old. Ten years her junior.

Seems natural and normal to have this thrown in the mix.

At the moment, I left the characters at the supper table. I will be careful not to unpack too much but enough to move the story along.

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