Camp Nanowrimo Day 10

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Words written: 1887 words

The Not A Date

I’m deathly afraid of heights. In this story, I wanted to put the characters in a challenging situation. Abbie is afraid of heights but she wants to get closer to Marco for her own purposes.

Kick It Up A Notch

I have them go on the skydiving jump with a young 20+ couple. Here’s where I used this interaction to give some more insights into Marco and Abbie.

In the course of the conversation, they comment on how cute they appear as a cute old couple. They’re in their mid thirties and take offense. It’s meant to be amusing.

Via Tenor

This is the first activity where Marco and Abbie get to do something extraordinary together. There’s a hidden agenda for Marco: she will tell the truth if confronted by her fear of the unknown. Before they jump, he asks about the early morning raid, the assault and the theft of the motorcycle.

Hey, he had to know!

Back To Earth

Abbie calls him out. She challenges his trust issues. There is some light flirting once they are dealing with the letdown of the jump. For Marco, he’s flattered but not interested. For reasons I will explain later, Marco is still nursing wounds from his divorce.

After an outdoor lunch, he heads back home to find a plain envelope under the door. He opens it to find pictures of his mother Lucia Torres and Clarissa.

Via Tenor

He unblocked Abbie’s number and gives her a call.

Via Tenor

What irritates Marco is that Abbie is calm. She reveals that this was familiar. Before she and her partner Cole were shot, they received those threats. At that point, they did not trust anyone. Not even their brother and sister cops.

Puzzle Pieces

Where do we stand at this point in the story?

  • Marco Torres cannot remember what the suspect told him. It’s super important.
  • Abbie is assigned to his motorcycle case as well as the assault.
  • That suspect who was Marco’s patient was part of Abbie and Cole’s case.

Right now, Marco holds the key. Will he remember?

More to follow,


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