Black History Month: Meet Environmentalist Dr. Robert Bullard

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Here is my newfound Black History Month discovery.

Meet the Father of Environmental Justice.

Dr. Robert Bullard.

Dr. Robert D. Bullard has advocated for environmental justice ever since he testified in a civil lawsuit in 1979 on behalf of a black family who created a movement against a corporation which planned to place a landfill in their neighborhood.

According to Dr. Bullard’s research, black communities appear to be systematically selected to be dumping grounds for landfills and waste.

A recipient of the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) 2020 Champions of the Earth Lifetime Achievement Award, Dr. Bullard is known for his research on environmental racism in the entire American South. Most recently, Bullard has engaged in conversations about how Black communities, more exposed to air pollution because of their proximity to power plants, are more vulnerable to COVID-19.

Learn more about Dr. Bullard and his activism by clicking this link.

This is my newest discovery for Black History Month.

Leave a comment if you have found one as well.


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