Black History Month: June Bacon-Bercey

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Before Al Roker, there was June Bacon-Bercy.

June Bacon-Bercey, first African American TV meteorologist standing between two white male tv colleagues at WGR-TV 2 News.
Taken from and Dail St. Claire

According to Smithsonian, Ms. Bacon-Bercy was asked to step and report on the weather in when a colleague had trouble with the law.

What a way to break into a meteorological career on television!

As a young lady, Ms. Bacon-Bercy loved everything about science. During that time, no one thought of women aspiring to become meteorologists. Despite the roadblocks, she was the first African-American to graduate from UCLA with a bachelor’s degree in meteorology.

Ms. Bacon-Bercey was the first woman and African-American woman recipient of the Seal of Approval for excellence in on-air meteorology from the American Meteorological Society. In later years, she served at the National Weather Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Thank you for your enduring legacy, Ms. Bacon-Bercey!


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