Black History Month: Dr. Jane Cooke Wright

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Black and white photo of Dr. Jane Cooke Wright wearing a white lab coat working on scientific instruments.
Dr. Jane Cooke Wright,

Dr. Cooke Wright was born to Corrine Cooke, who worked as a teacher in New York City Public Schools, and to Louis Tompkins Wright, who was a surgeon and first black doctor at a medical facility in New York City.

After graduating from New York Medical College with a medical degree, Dr. Cooke Wright used her medical skills in New York City schools for two years. Years later, she joined the faculty at New York Medical College first as an Associate Dean and thereafter as Director of the Cancer Research Laboratory.

Her accolades include being a leading researcher in cancer therapy, being a member of the President’s Commission on Heart Disease, Cancer and Stroke. The breadth of her scholarly achievements include the book, Women Changing Science.

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