Black History Month: Did You Know?

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Here are a few notable famous Black inventors I thought would interest everyone. Their ingenuity paved the way for all of us to enjoy many amenities today.

Black and white photo of a black woman with tall Afro stares focused ahead.

Red Light, Green Light…

Next time you see an amber light in the three-way traffic light, think of Garrett Morgan. After noting vehicle collisions, he thought of a “yield” option to warn oncoming vehicles.

Cold Truck

Because of Frederick McKinley Jones, we can transport food in correct conditions, thus allowing for businesses to give us safe products.

One More Scoop, Please

So the reason I feel the urge to have more ice-cream could be thanks to Alfred L. Calle. Just kidding.

Pick Up After Yourself

Lloyd P. Ray invented the dust pan so I can clean without an aching back.

Black History Month is about American History. Part of celebrating this month is about celebrating the dreams of the past, present and future.


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